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Running your privacy oriented, personal website

Posted at — Jul 6, 2020

Let’s deep dive …

After several unsuccessful attempts to run my own website during last couple of years I finally did it and I would like to share my point of view on this.

Technologically the whole process is not complicated at all however there is a couple of things that can stop people of doing this. Sometimes you have an idea for first, maybe second post but then you struggle with what to publish on your website next, other time you hesitate with the platform you would like to use. Is selfhosting or usage of some VPS better? Maybe posting on same “ready to use” platform will be better option or just stick to the social media and use it as a medium? Those and other questions block people with doing what they are passionate about. I’m not talking only about running website, it’s a general rule. I can tell something about this as I’m more person who thinks twice before do something and many times it took me a chance to achieve something. There is a simple conclusion, if you want to do something just do this for yourself and get satisfaction from it.

In my case I wanted to have place where I would like to gather my thoughts, experience and share this with others in more traditional way without using any kind of currently known social media or other ready to use services where unfortunately you don’t have any control besides content you create but what happen to it latter, where it will be displayed, if people reading it will be tracked or not it’s not up to you. As privacy and control over things I create is important for me I couldn’t use any of “ready to use” solutions. Also being independent more and more became important in my life so why wouldn’t I choose something that will make me more independent but in the same time is cheap solution. One of additional goal here was also to learn something more about servers and I think I achieved this at least on a level I wanted for now.

When you finally decide to run your own website like I did there is a couple of simple things you should consider. Some of them are mandatory and some are just good practice when you put something publicly to the Internet.

  1. Website should have some name, to be more precise domain.
  2. You need to have place to host your data.
  3. You need to consider how you will administrate and secure your server.
  4. It will be also good to prepare website itself if you still want to.



Working with the server

Create a website

There is a thousands of tutorials how to create a website and I’m not any expert here so just look for something however my recommendation is to keep it simple. It’s not a contest for the most beautiful website so you don’t need to worry about details at the beginning. Things that were important for me personally was to have fast and not complicated website so I decided to run static html.

by Pawel Zelawski