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Posted at — Jun 24, 2020

I’m Pawel Zelawski

For my friends I’m just an honest, direct and decent guy, at least this is what they tell me.
For my family I’m a person who always will be a son, brother and just a person they can rely on.
For my colleagues I’m just another person who helps to push this wagon in some direction. We support each other and share our experience to make our life a little bit easier.
In my business relationship people often say about me effective, focused on detailes and that I finish what I started.

Where I live ?

Almost my whole life I lived in the big city with all good and bad sides of this. In 2017 I moved out of this whole crowd to start live in place closer to nature still having all benefits that city gives me as it just few kilometers from there. I have a house with garden, I have a few steps from open fields where I can walk with my dog. Pictures below say all.

Example image Example 2

About me

I’m an free and open source software enthusiast. As I haven’t been working as any kind of IT specialist I’ve decided to spend my free time as productive as possible and in 2018 I started my journey with Linux and other FOSS software. Since then I’ve been learning how to use Linux in the most efficient way for me and how things work behind the scene. I found myself to feel better and be more productive with terminal applications than GUI once. In 2019 I started to play with Docker, Docker Swarm and Ansible technologies using a couple of virtual machines and my small home lab. The true is that I like tinkering and going further with new areas I face challanges and I try new approaches to optimize time spend on things that can be automated. I really appreciate benefits of using Ansible.

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